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Today we are going to discuss ” Face powder role in makeup

Face powder is an important cosmetic product that is used for different purposes. It is typically used to set the foundation, contour your face and brighten up your skin. Gace powder is an important part of makeup to get a flawless finish. It is a common issue that foundation would disappear because of oily skin after a few hours of wear. In such cases face powder helps to stay the makeup longer. Face powder can mattify your skin moreover face powder can blur the pores in your skin. It is also used to minimize the look of fine lines. Face powder also uses to mattify the shine of your skin. You can use different shades of face powder in theaters’ makeup to change the features of the person and to change the age characters. You can use face powder as a light coverage of moisturized skin and if sweat builds up on your face you can mute it by using skin tone face powder. It is generally used in summer to cut the shine on your face. You can also use it to set your primer.

Applying face powder is good or bad:

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The use of face powder can be relatively safe but sometimes it can dry your skin if it will observe a little too much of the skin’s natural oil sometimes face powder may leave clogged pores and acne. Face powder is a good base to apply bronzer, blush, shimmer, and contour. It is also good to set the cream eye shadow. Applying the face powder is good when you want to conceal any spots or scars that you may have. Technically face powder does not cause acne but some ingredients present in face powder can acne-causing bacteria to grow or clog pores.

Reason to use face powder:

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Face powder is milled powders that are designed to set makeup and helps to stay it longer. It is available in many forms like pressed powders, loose powders, compact powders, etc.

The most important uses of face powder are given below:

Even out your skin tone

Face powders are useful to make your skin smoother. You can use face powder after foundation or alone it is depending on your skin type and the coverage you want. If you want light coverage use face powder alone but if you want full makeup coverage you should use it after foundation or base.

It helps makeup last longer

The most important reason for using face powder is that your foundation should last longer. Face powder stops the access oil of your skin. (Access of oil in your skin pores interacts with the pigments and oils in your foundation and makeup). A light coating of face powder at the end of your makeup gives you a perfect finishing and helping your makeup last longer.

Absorb access shine

Face powder is great absorbent by their nature and soaks up access oil so it can’t melt away your base or foundation. They also mattify your skin and removes the shine from your face for few hours.

It can fix makeup mistakes

If you have applied too much blush on your face and now you are looking like a clown. Then the face powder are can use to fix the mistake. Dust some powder on the skin to tone it down. If your foundation is very dark according to your skin then you can use lighter-color face powder on top to correct the shade.


Face powders are the most loving makeup product of girls. They can provide a natural, light look and also gives you the benefits of observing access oil from the skin. Face powder is also very useful as swat-resistant. However, face powder has its plus side same as it has some downsides too if you are using a face powder every day it can be drying to your skin and it may absorb too much of skin’s natural oil and which leads to acne and clogged pores. Always use good quality face powders according to your skin type and skin tone, if you want the perfect finish of makeup.




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