How to apply blush on chubby cheeks

How to apply blush on chubby cheeks Featured image

How to apply blush on chubby cheeks is a common question among teenagers these days, Blush is a type of cosmetic product put on the cheeks. It is an essential makeup item that gives you a pretty look and also gives a glow to your face. It is usually in red or pink color. It is not often used by boys, it is always used by girls. It is available in powder or cream. Choose a color or texture according to your skin to make your blush looks good. People use blush to pinch their cheeks to make them red. Apply in areas that best complement your face. Some methods of applying blush onto your chubby cheeks are given below.

Method to apply blush on chubby cheeks

Apply base before your blush

A girl apply base on her face

If you want better results first you apply your foundation then your concealer, your bronze, and then finally apply your blush. It is important to make sure that your makeup looks balanced when you apply it.

Sweep lightly your brush through your powder blush

A girl apply blush on her face with brush

Lightly sweep the little-sized brush if you are using a powder blush and then tap it to remove any excess. Apply the blush to your chubby cheeks and then blend it with a separate clean brush.

Dot and blend liquid blush with your finger

A girl apply blush on her face with fingers

Dab a little blush on your ring finger if you are using a cream or gel. Dot the color first, then blend it using your finger or a makeup sponge. If you want a more natural look finish blending with a blush brush.

Blot excess with a tissue

A girl remove extra blush from face with tissue

Don’t soften your blush because this can make your face color look dull. Hold a flat tissue against your face and lightly and continually press it to your chubby cheeks to remove a little powder.

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Apply blush on Heart-shaped face

If your face is heart-shaped apply blush in a curved line from the top of your temple down to your cheekbone. Start applying blush softly from your temple and increase pressure when you reach the cheekbone area.

Apply blush on a round-shaped face

If you suck in your cheeks and lightly sweep the blush brush in a line underneath your cheekbones. Avoid applying blush to the apple of your cheeks because this will make your face look more round.

Apply blush on an oval-shaped face

Go from the cheekbone to the temple if your face is more oval.  Start moving your brush from the more prominent part of your cheekbone down towards the earlobe.

Apply blush on a square face

Apply your blush in a circular motion directly to the apples of your cheekbones. Apply blush in a circular motion if you have a square face.

Pros and cons of blush

You can easily apply the color with your fingers and well shade the face. It can be too heavy for over the summer, it can get stuck in big pores.
Gel blush is fat-free so it doesn’t cause spots. It can make concealer and foundation crease when you are using liquid blush.
Liquid blush is similar to fluid blush but it is more comfortable to use. Gel blush is difficult to add color, it is used to shape the cheekbones.
Blush are available in different colors and textures, powder blush doesn’t make concealer crease and it is easy to add to the color if needed. Powder blush can make your skin a little dry.
Fluid blush is available in natural wearable color, it is long-lasting. It can create on the skin where the color stays.
Cream blush is easy to apply with your finger. It is available in lots of colors. A fluid blush is necessary to dry quickly when applying.


Blush is a type of cosmetic product that is used to apply to your cheeks. It is available in different colors pinks, peaches, berries, and oranges on the market. You can find the perfect blush shade for every skin tone, including fair, light, medium, olive, and dark complexion. It is available in different forms including gel, liquid, fluid, powder, cream. Make sure that your blush makeup looks balanced. Lightly sweep your brush through your powder blush. You can apply easily liquid blush with your fingers. You can apply blush according to your face shape.



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