Importance of concealer in makeup

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Today we are going to discuss the Importance of concealer in makeup. Concealer is one of the most important products in makeup that is used to get a uniform and flawless look. Concealer works with a foundation that provides additional coverage to get an even tone and smooth skin. Concealer is used to refreshing the eyes. It reduces all the blemishes, scars, and puffiness. It is also used to cover the dark circles and pigmentation of your face. Moreover, concealers are specially designed for making a base for eye shadow. Eye shadows should not be applied directly to the eyes otherwise they will not be blended properly. Concealer can help to reduce the discoloration around the eye area and gives you a younger look. For getting a professional finish always use a concealer with your foundation. Some makeup artists named it the color corrector that can use to mask the large pores and all the imperfections visible on the skin.

How to use concealer and foundation

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Normally the makeup artist applies the foundation before concealer but you can also use foundation and concealer at the same time, especially when you have to cover up your blemishes, fine lines, and pigmentation you should always apply your concealer and foundation together.

If you have a problem of discoloration and redness apply the foundation first it will make an even base and reduce the redness because if you apply your concealer first it can create a heavy and cakey look.

If you are working with a powder or cream based foundation then you should apply the concealer first, it will work as a skin care serum also.

Steps for applying concealer and foundation

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Prep your skin

Before applying a concealer or foundation it is very important to clean your face. Exfoliate your dead skin cell onto your skin with the best cleanser if you want smooth makeup. After exfoliating, you should hydrate your skin with any best moisturizer.

Dab the foundation/concealer on

Take a foundation or concealer in a creamy texture that will be medium coverage and max your skin type and skin tone. You can use a concealer brush, beauty blender, or directly your fingers for applying the concealer/foundation. Dab the concealer onto your skin especially on your eye area, fine lines, pigmentation, etc.


When you have applied foundation on your face now take a wet sponge, make sure you have squeezed out any access water now gently dab it on your skin. Never smudge or swipe the side of the sponge on your skin to spread the foundation. You should use the tip of the sponge for blending the foundation around your eyes and nose area.

Top off your concealer foundation

If you have the issue of redness scars or acne tap on a concealer with your finger then leave it for five minutes for setting it. Always try a thicker full-coverage formula if you have such issues with your skin. Then lightly bounce the tip of your sponge to blend the concealer and avoid smudging it.

Make your foundation long-lasting

If you want to keep your foundation long-lasting and want to get rid of oily skin, dust a translucent powder on your skin especially over the T-zone of your face with a fluffy brush. It will help you to avoid sliding or slipping your concealer foundation

A quick video guide on Applying Foundation and Concealer for Beginners

How to choose a concealer

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As we all know foundation should match with our skin tone same as it is most important to choose the right shade of concealer properly matched with your skin tone.

Here are six basic steps describe to choose the right concealer:

Match your foundation

If you are using a concealer for covering the blemishes or dark spots that are peeking out from your foundation, for this purpose you should use a concealer that perfectly matches your skin tone and your foundation. It should not be lighter or darker.

Use natural lighting

We should always check the concealer before buying for its natural lightning shade to find that shade you can swatch the concealer on the back of your hand blend and holding it up to your face to make sure it is matched to your skin tone.

Go darker

You can buy a darker shade of concealer than your skin if you want to contour with the concealer moreover darker concealers are a good choice for covering the blemishes.

Go lighter

If you want to brighten up the under-eye area and you want to create the illusion of well-rested eyes you should pick a lighter shade of concealer than your skin tone.

Keep undertones in mind

You should know about the undertones of your skin because it impacts how to find a concealer shade if you have cool undertones then you will want to use a concealer with coordinating undertones and same as choosing the coordinating undertones if you have warm undertone skin.

Think of the color wheel

Sometimes concealers are used as color-correct discolorations like redness and dark circles. Choose the right color wheel concealer to neutralize the redness and dark spots.

How to buy a concealer for the next time

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As we read about the importance of concealer in makeup here are the next step instructions, If you are buying the concealer first time here are some tips to help you pick the right shade of your concealer.

Choose according to your skin type

If you have oily skin you should avoid the creamy textures of concealers otherwise it will make the skin shinier and also clog the pores. You should choose a matte concealer.

Choose according to your skin concern

Sometimes it is not necessary to use a concealer your BB cream and foundation do a good job. Use a concealer only if you really need to apply it and you have to cover the spots and pimples etc. if you want to cover the dark circles choose a concealer in that situation

The kind of foundation you are wearing

Choose your concealer according to the type of your foundation. If you are wearing a powder foundation then you should apply a creamy concealer but if you are wearing a liquid foundation you should apply the matte concealer.

Choose according to your budget

Always try to buy great products because it is a matter of your skin however it is also necessary to manage your budget and buy the products within your available budget.


The importance of concealer in makeup cannot be overstated. It serves as a powerful tool to achieve a flawless complexion and enhance one’s natural beauty. Concealer plays a vital role in masking imperfections, such as blemishes, dark circles, and redness, providing a smooth canvas for the application of other makeup products. Its ability to even out skin tone and hide flaws makes it an essential component of any makeup routine. Moreover, concealer boosts confidence by helping individuals feel more comfortable and self-assured in their appearance. Whether used for everyday wear or special occasions, the transformative power of concealer highlights the importance of concealer in makeup.



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