What is the role of foundation in makeup?

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Foundation is the most important part of the makeup. It is a powder or liquid form of makeup that is applied to the face. It is used to create a uniform, even colour to the complexion. It also cover the flaws of over skin. It is also used to change the natural skin tone. You can say foundation is the base of all makeup. It is used to even out skin imperfection. Sometime we use foundation as the sunscreen, base layer for complex cosmetics and moisturizers. Foundation are available in olive warm and neutral based on matching the skin tone of people. You can use cream foundation powder foundation liquid foundation water-based foundation and serum foundation according to your skin type and colour of skin.

” What is the role of foundation in makeup? ” it’s a basic question for any beginner in the makeup field, well dailymakeuptip is here to put some lite on this topic.

Benefits of foundation in makeup

There are many benefits of applying foundation for makeup. Even if you are not using foundation makeup will not be complete.

  • Foundation creams are helpful to cover the wrinkles spots and fine lines on you face
  • Foundations are used as sunscreen and moisturizers
  • It makes your skin and makeup more uniform and attractive.
  • Foundation enhanced the functions of other makeups products like highlighters, blush, concealer etc.
  • Most of the foundation are available in every skin tone and now you can have a smooth natural makeup look by using foundations.
  • Many foundations are available in medicated form that are useful in many skin problems.
  • Foundations are useful for reducing the oil from your skin especially for oily skin people to keep the makeup intact.
  • Foundations are very useful for acne-prone skin also.
  • Foundation will be useful to protect your skin pores from clogging the skin pores with makeup use.
  • Foundation brighten up your colour complexion and you will look more attractive.

How to put a foundation with a brush

A girl apply foundation on her face with brush

When you are talking about makeup the most important part is to choose the right shade of foundation according to your skin tone and skin type. You can apply foundation with your fingers sponge but using a good quality foundation brush can instantly give you a flawless and natural look. Three basic steps of applying foundation with the brush are given below.


Dot over your face.

After cleansing your face and applying the moisturizer it’s time to apply the foundation on your face. If you are using liquid foundation you have two different ways for applying it.

  1. Dab small dots of foundation with your fingers on your forehead, nose, chin, cheeks and the centre of your face. Now blend this all by your foundation brush so seamlessly and it will give you a full coverage look.
  2. pour some foundation on the back of your hand, dab the brush into the foundation as you need now apply it on your face.

Blend in paint-like strokes

When you applied the foundation on your face it’s time to blend it properly. Always start blending from the centre of your face and blend the foundation outward. Some people have the issue of redness in their nose and cheeks area, so they should apply the most coverage of foundation. Use short, paint-like strokes for the most natural finishing.

Spot blend where ever you need

You should blend the foundation on your whole face before going to the next steps of makeup just like an artist covering a canvas. Some areas are hard to reach with a foundation brush then you should use the higher point of the brush for such areas on your face like your cheeks your hairline and the jawline. Now use the lower point of the brush to blend the smaller areas like your eyes, around your nostrils and the sides of your nose. You can add more foundation and blend it accordingly if you feel extra coverage.

How to apply the foundation with the sponge

A girl apply foundation on her face with sponge

A makeup sponge is the most valuable and simple beauty tool. A makeup sponge is only useful when you will apply a liquid foundation to your skin. For a perfect application of foundation with a sponge, there are three simple steps are given below.


Choose your sponge

Beauty sponges are available in a variety of different shapes and the sizes matter the most. The classic teardrop shapes give you plenty of options and a perfect blending facility. The big rounded end of the sponge is best for large areas of the face. The tip of the makeup sponge is perfect to blend the hard to reach areas like the inner corner of the eyes around the nose etc.

Wet your sponge

When you have chosen the perfect sponge now the first thing you have to do is fully immerse your sponge in water because a dry sponge is very absorbent. A wet sponge will make your makeup application more flawless and even. Make sure your sponge will not have too much water otherwise it will dilute your foundation.

Dot and Dab

When you know how to use a makeup sponge now you have to start blending with it. Dot your foundation on your face and start blending with your cheeks then T-zone of your face. Next, dab the sponge on the other areas of your face gently. Avoid dragging and rubbing the sponge on your face. Cover the eyes area and the side of your nose by dabbing the sharp tip of your sponge.

How to apply a foundation without a sponge:

A girl apply foundation on her face with hands

There are many ways for applying foundation on your face (like using a brush, using a sponge, beauty blender etc). The most effective and easy way to apply foundation flawlessly is to use your hands. Beauty blenders are a good way for applying foundation but in this case, some amount of foundation remaining on the beauty blenders and sometimes foundation is not blended flawlessly on the skin. In this way, if you are using your fingers to apply foundation gives you a most natural look. The warmth of your hand is used to melt the foundation into your pours properly and flawlessly. Moreover, by using this technique foundation will not waste.


  1. Make sure your hand are clean it is so important to wash them before doing makeup.
  2. Take some amount of foundation on the back of your hand, now dot it around your cheeks nose and forehead with your fingers.
  3. Rub your hands together like you are trying to start a fire.
  4. Start blending from the centre of your face and moving outwards rubbing and patting your face to give you a natural look. Keep doing this until the foundation is invisible.

What type of foundation I should use?

Foundation bottles on white table

Choosing the perfect foundation for your skin is the most important step in makeup. Before choosing your foundation keep in mind the needs of your skin that will work effectively for you. The basic point of foundation is to help your skin looks natural and attractive so choose your product with full consciousness.

Choose the foundation according to your skin type

Always choose your foundation formula after understanding your skin type. If your skin is oily you should use a powder foundation that absorbs oil and give you a smooth matte look. If you have dry skin you should use a liquid foundation that has a creamy consistency that will give the moisturizer to your skin. If you have sensitive skin use the foundation that is formulated without parabens, mineral oil and talc etc.

Match the shade to your skin tone

The most important thing about the foundation is the right shade according to your skin tone. If you choose the right shade it will blend in your skin colour seamlessly and does not give you an ashy look. If you are not choosing the right shade your makeup look artificial and chalky you will look fake in the layers of makeup. If you want to look natural after makeup must choose the right shade according to your skin tone.



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