What is contour makeup used for?

What is contour makeup Featured image used for

The main question we are going to discuss is “What is contour makeup used for?”, Contouring is basically a makeup technique that is used to enhance, define and sculpt the structure of your face and other body parts you can contour your face by using two shades darker color than the skin in such areas (hollows of chicks, side of nose) to give a slimming and shadow effect. You don’t need a special contour kit to enhance the features of your face. You can use too many shades darker of the foundation or concealer for this purpose. Even that you can use your eye shadow or brow powder for contouring purposes.

When you did contouring it will add definition to your face. Contouring is also useful to give you a narrow look at your nose. If you have the issue of double chins and it really separates your face from the neck in this case contouring is the best way to give an attractive shape to your whole face.

Contouring for beginners:

A girl apply Contour shades on her face with brush

As we all know contouring is used to create structure, dimensions, and symmetry. It is about shaping and defining the features of your face. There are many types of contour available in the market according to your skin type and your needs for example if you want to create a dramatic look and you are more effective beauty lover who wants to slim or alter the shape of your features then you can use liquid contour products. If you are a beginner and you have no experience of contouring you should buy powder contour products because these are very easy to use and generally better for beginners. Moreover, powder contours can give you a more define chiseled look after makeup it is a good way to gives you a completely matte finish.

How to blend contour with a brush:

A girl apply Contour on her face with Brush

If you want to contour like a pro you need to learn how to blend a contour correctly let’s discuss some tips, how to blend the contour with brushes.

Choose your brushes wisely

It is most important to choose the right brushes for contouring because it will affect how you blend the contour. You should not choose full floppy brushes for contouring. The most versatile brush for contouring is the slanted brush. It is easier to use if you want to give shapes to your face. You can enhance your features or blend out your look by blending the contour powder beneath your jawline, cheekbones, and foreheads.

Wet your brush

If you want to blend your contour properly in your skin you should spray some sprinkles of water on your brush. Otherwise, there is a possibility of wasting the contour powder with your brushes. That’s why it is a good technique to use a little wet brush for blending a contour powder.

Blending it out

If you are using a brush for blending a contour sweep it back and forth until your look is even.

How to blend contour with sponge:

A girl apply Contour on her face with sponge

If you are using a liquid, cream, or foundation contour you should use a makeup sponge for blending a contour. Take a little amount of contour like pea apply it on the areas where you want to create more definition and blend it properly.

Choose your sponge

As we all know a good makeup sponge is one of the most valuable beauty tools you have but only if you are using it correctly. The size of the makeup sponge matters the most because these are available in a variety of different shades if you want flawless contouring with a makeup sponge you should select the right sponge for the task at hand. The tip of the makeup sponge is perfect for contouring for some features (like around the nose, inner corner of the eyes, etc).

Wet your sponge

When you have to pick the perfect sponge you have to immerse your sponge in water and squeeze access water. A dry sponge is a great absorbent and it will soak up your contour foundation.

Dab it now

When you are using a makeup sponge you should avoid rubbing or dragging the sponge across your face. Dot your contour product on your face starting with your cheeks then your T-zone etc. Now dab the makeup sponge across your face to blend the contour. This technique of contouring is applied for all the formulas (cream contour, liquid contour, or foundation contour).



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