How to apply highlighter on face

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How to apply highlighter on the face is the most common question among women, Highlighter is the type of cosmetic product that reflect light. It is used for countering. It can be applied to your face and other part of the body to brighten up your skin. Highlighter is commonly used to bright your face where the natural light was not available to provide definition of facial features like cheekbones, nose and jawline. The product including powder, liquid, cream, gloss, solid stick, and jelly. Applying highlighter can give your skin a beautiful colour enhance your bone structure and boost your skin as well. Highlighter only apply a few small areas of your face, it takes few second to apply. If you are new to apply highlighter here you learn to apply it easy.

Method to apply highlighter on face:

Apply highlighter to the tops of your cheekbones

girl applying highlighter on top of cheekbone

Take a blush brush and use it to apply a bit of highlighter to the tops of your cheekbones in an anticlockwise movement. You can apply its one layer for a subtle effect or apply multiple layers for more intense highlight.

Dab a little highlight on the tip of your nose

girl applying highlighter on tip of her nose

Take a bit of highlighter on of your fingertip and then dab it on the tip of your nose. Move your finger back and forth to blend the highlighter. You need just a small dab, you do not need much highlighter.

Brush some highlighter down the center of your forehead

girl applying highlighter on center of her forehead

You can sweep some highlighter down the center of your forehead towards the bridge of your nose. Start at the center of your hairline on your forehead and sweep straight downwards. Take a brush and use it to apply highlighter up and down at the center of the forehead.

Apply highlighter to the inner corners of your eyes

girl applying highlighter on inner corner of her eyes

Use a highlighting eye shadow brush and get a little highlighter onto the tip. Take the brush and press it into the corners of your inner eyelids. You can apply more layers if you want extra effect or extra highlight.

Sweep highlighter under eyebrows

girl applying highlighter under her eyebrows

These areas just below your eyebrows will catch a lot of light. You can apply highlighter over your eye brows, you don’t need to apply highlighter under your entire eyebrow. You can extend highlighter for extra eye brightening effect.

Dab highlighter above your upper lip

girl applying highlighter on her upper lip

Applying highlighter on your upper lip area will draw more attention to your lips. This area of your upper lip called Cupid’s bow. Take a small amount of highlighter on your fingertip or brush and press it onto this area. You don’t need to apply highlighter to your actual lip.

Brush some highlighter center of your chin

girl applying highlighter on her chin

Your lips draw more attention if you apply highlighter at the center of your chin. Please not to apply to much highlighter to this area you only need a light dusting.

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Pros and cons of highlighter


  • You need very little for each application
  • More multidimensional when applied
  • You can also achieve a glossy finish with some cream highlighter
  • Cream highlighter is little easier to blend out
  • Highlighter gives your face instant shine and glow
  • Highlighter can help you express yourself


  • We need to apply it with brushes, it can be hassle to find a brush
  • It is caused a bit pigmented
  • Highlighter can caused dry skin
  • It can gives you a greasy sheen rather than a glow if you are using it over the foundation


model in red scarf

Highlighter is commonly used to bright your skin. It gives your face look beautiful and enhance your bone structure. You can apply highlighter on your cheekbones, nose, neck, chin, corner of your eyes, under your eyebrows, above your lip to enhance and brighten up the features of your face. Highlighter is available in different shades. It is available in two form powder and cream. You can apply it with your finger tips and brushes also.



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